Social Media Marketing Training in Abuja Nigeria

Our Social Media Marketing Training in Abuja takes an in-depth look into social media platforms to empower participants with a detailed practical understanding of social media engagement, monitoring and analytics as well as tracking trends, risk management and gathering valuable insights to integrate into campaigns and strategies.

Social Media Marketing Training

With social media platforms growing and changing, social media marketing can be complex in spite of it being the most exciting, inclusive and mobile forms of digital communication. Businesses need to learn how to create and engage communities around their products/services with Social Media Marketing.

The Social Media Marketing Training content include:

Brief platforms overview; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and more

Tracking trends & metrics

Copywriting for Social Media

Social Media analytics tools

Building a Social Media strategy

Online reputation management

Mobile Integration

Best practices

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Social Media Sections Training

The Social Media Marketing Training is arranged in two Sections.

First Section

The first sections of our Social Media Marketing Training in Abuja enables you to effectively engage with customers across a diverse range of social media platforms. The emerging trends in the social media space and the opportunity provided by the ‘always connected’ social consumers, the suitability of different social platforms for businesses’ aims and objectives, and the challenges of social media are taught.

This first Section of Social Media Marketing Training also covers the primary concepts and terminologies used in social media, and the configuration of social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram, as well as new emerging social platforms.

Second Section

The second Social Media Marketing Training Section explores how social media platforms can be used to help businesses expand their reach, drive revenues and increase brand exposure.

Students are made aware of challenges of implementing an effective Social Media strategy for businesses, the importance of listening as the critical starting point, using analytics to accurately measure social media campaign and the evaluation of budgetary spend against baseline expectations. As with other modules, privacy and data protection issues associated with social media marketing are brought to the attention of participants.

Social Media Marketing Training Topic

The Social Media Marketing Training topics are:

Key Social Media Concepts

Social Media Goals

Setting Goals & Priorities





New Social Challenges

Apps & Plug-ins

KPI Measures


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